For 66 years since its establishment, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), previously Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia has managed to maintain its reputation as a center of education excellence in Indonesia. The faculty is committed to providing a fulfilling education for the students through its study programs and is in continuous pursuit of making the department a center of excellence for its academic research and education. On undergraduate level, we served five study program; accounting, economics, management, islamic economics, and islamic business. On the postgraduate level, the professional line is more emphasized on the application of economic and business theories in the real world including in decision making. The program included in the professional line is Master of Management (MM-UI), Master of Accounting and Profession (MAKSI-UI), Master of Planning and Public Policy (MPKP-UI), as well as the program included in the academic line is Master of Economics, Master of Management Science and Master of Accounting Science.

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