Publication Opportunity & Review Policy

We welcome participants to submit papers they would like to be considered for presentation at the main conference as well as having an opportunity to be published in scientific journal. The paper must be submitted by July 23, 2018 and will be reviewed by ICIED scientific committee (the 1st round review).

The authors will receive comments from conference scientific committee after the conference and will have a certain time for submitting the revised version of their papers. After the submission, the scientific committee will notify the authors regarding the selection of the publication process.

Based on the refereeing process (the 3rd round review) by ICIED scientific committee and conference reviewer, authors will be informed that their paper will be suggested to be published in either one of the following journals (there may be additional):

Please be reminded that the papers must meet the requirement of the writing format as well as the publication ethics of the suggested journal. The authors, therefore, must follow the review process (the journal-round review) and submit revised version of their papers, referring to the corresponding journal. The decision to publish the papers will be based on the evaluation conducted by each editorial board of journal. The ICIED scientific committee will be under no commitment to publish any article; however, we provide access and expedited process with our publishing partner.